What the decade has taught me

by | Oct 26, 2022

Birthday Cake

Ten years is a long time and yet it goes by so quickly. Faster than anyone can actually anticipate. Its not like your standing in that decade saying to yourself ‘OK well that was month 21 down and I’ve got 99 more months to go. Must not waste this decade’.

This last decade began with my husband and I entering into the next chapter of our lives – having children. I always knew I was going to be a mum, I just didn’t know how or when that was going to happen.

These past 10 years have taught me more than the ones that have proceeded it. I’ve experience what true sorrow looked and felt like, I’ve learnt how to navigate a dark forest with only one box of matches and I’ve seen what the rock bottom looks like.

But I’ve also learnt how resilient I am. I’ve learnt that I am the driver of this ship and how much power I truly do harness. I’ve learnt that I have all of the tools within me to solve any challenge that gets thrown my way and most importantly I’ve learnt that I still have many lessons to learn and I’m OK with that.

I, like so many parents in our community, were thrown into the world of autism. It’s not something we were expecting or anticipating. It landed in our laps and we were given the options of sink or swim. In that moment, as a parent I needed to choose if I was going to purposefully take charge of the situation or was it going to consume me…….I choose to swim.

Now lets be clear, my swimming abilities at the beginning sucked. I couldn’t find the rhythm of the strokes, I couldn’t even out my breathing and yet here I am ten years later, gliding on the water and breathing well. This doesn’t mean I don’t have off days. I still have days where I choke on the water or a huge wave comes crashing down on me yet I choose to keep swimming. Slow and steady making small progress each and every day.

What does the next ten years look like for you? Are you wanting to make this decade count?

Are you wanting to make the difference that is so needed within yourself, your family and your children.

If you aren’t gliding on the water or your breathing isn’t smooth and steady reach out. Book in a free chat with me. Lets get swimming together.