Walking the Autism Journey: How to Go All In on Yourself as a Mother

by | Mar 4, 2024

There are very few times in your life that you need to go all in on you.  To really focus on what you need in order to get the desired outcome.  One example of that might be getting pregnant.  What foods will you eat?  What exercise classes will you take in order to get your body prepared?  The same thing would go if you were about to give birth.  How would you prepare mentally?  Do you have a plan?  Medication v’s natural?  Music?  Bath?  There are dozens of examples I could give you where we are put in situations where we intentionally go out of our way to prepare our minds and bodies in order to achieve this goal.  Receiving an autism diagnosis for your child is no different.

You’re given news that no doubt is and will be life changing.  It will affect yourself, your partner, your family.  It will have a direct impact on every part of your life.  Yet, you get to choose how the story will play out.  You get to make the decision if you want to nourish your brain and your body or not.

These are not hard questions, however, in the moment, they feel like you’re standing at the base of Mt Everest with no training, no equipment and ill equipped to climb.

I encourage you to stand back.  Quieten the noise.  Slow your body and ask yourself……what do I need for this journey?

What kind of mindset do I need?

What kind of food do I need to ensure my body is taken care of?

What’s the lowest amount of sleep I can function on?  Anything on top is a bonus.

How will I train for the journey?  Will I read the books, listen to the podcasts and watch the interviews on youtube?

What kind of self-care routine will I implement?

How are you getting ready for this voyage?  I say voyage because you might be sailing away from a life that you may not return to.  As heartbreaking as that sentence is to read, know that it will come with events that will feel like they will break you and successes that you could never have dreamt of.

As I write this, I’m imagining a bunch of parents taking on the role of Moana.  A young girl who took to the seas, pushed past her fears, her doubts and her worries to regain the heart of Te Fiti.

The only way forward.  The only way to help your child is if you go all in on yourself.  There’s no way Moana could have done what she did if she didn’t have the belief of her Grandmother.  The belief of someone who’s in your corner reminding you that you have everything within you to navigate the way forward.

I believe in you.  I believe in your child.  I will be in your corner.

When things get rough and you feel like the seas are starting to get too strong to navigate forward, be reminded of your why.  Why are you on this journey?  Why are you putting in all the effort?

Is it because you know that your child – your son or daughter is depending on you to be in their corner.  Depending on you to show up and advocate for them.  Depending on you to help them navigate their dysregulation.

Going all in isn’t a negotiable.  It’s imperative. 

Your child can’t move forward unless you move forward as well.

What steps are you willing to take so you can go all in on you?

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