Summer Lovin’ Dysregulation

by | Jan 19, 2023


As Aussies, we love summer holidays.  The days are long, filled with days at the beach, at the pool, catching up with friends, going to bed late, waking up early and eating watermelon as the juice runs down your arms.

Yep, that is a typical idea of how a summer looks for most parents.  Parents with typical children that is.  The situation looks vastly different for parents with children on the spectrum.

Its can be full of meltdowns, crackdowns and parents getting very close to exhaustion and overwhelm.  Children are out of routine, going places they’ve not been before, or are simply going to the beach or the pool but the action of putting on sunscreen can simply be too much.

In the past, I clearly remember chasing my angel boy around the lounge room trying to catch him so I could put sunscreen on his little body.  Trying to convince him that it won’t hurt and that we’re going to the beach and that he’ll get an ice cream.

In our house, with summer holidays, it sees us catching up with a lot of family and friends.  Staying out later than normal, eating far too much gluten and some dairy and stimming out of control.  Struggling to go to sleep.  Arguments between siblings and watching far too much screen time.

Its this constant battle in my mind of wanting to live a stricter lifestyle so that he doesn’t stimm out of control, has enough sleep and is able to function without having to run everywhere to regulate himself v’s wanting him to experience what a true Aussie summer is like.  With watermelon and ice cream and pizza and bbq’s.

This constant tug and pull of my heart strings is overwhelming at times.  To be completely honest, sometimes there is just sadness left.  Feeling like he’s missing out.  But then I remind myself that summer is still amazing and fun without going to the extremes.  Without eating the gluten or the late nights.

This is the time that I must give myself grace.  I must cut myself some slack because without allowing myself some of that ease I will send myself into a spin and then who am I helping?

So, this is a reminder to all parents with children on the spectrum – Summer can look different and that’s ok.  Summer can have boundaries that you set in place for the good of your child.  Summer can still be insanely fun, but you get to choose how its going to look.

This holiday break is for you as well.  For you to have some ease.  To have a break from burning the candle at both ends and feeling like you don’t ever stop.

Allow yourself the self-care you need.  Read the book, take the bath, go for the walk, do the mediation, write in your journal.  Fill your cup now, because before you know it the school year will begin, and you’ll wish you were back where you were right now.

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