I’ve been nominated for the Global Women of Influence Awards!!!

by | Jun 17, 2024

I’ve been nominated for an award.  Not just any award.  It’s the Global Women of Influence awards, 2024.

When I first got the email to say that I had been nominated I had to read it twice.  Me?  Nominated?

To say that I beyond thrilled is an understatement.  I am honoured and privileged to have been nominated into such a prestigious award.

But let me be clear it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.  Our journey with Autism has been a roller coaster of emotions of grief, sadness, rage, depression anxiety and more. I’ve had to create such a strong sense of self-belief otherwise I wouldn’t be here typing you this email.

I feel strongly, passionately, vivaciously about supporting mums of newly diagnosed autistic children.  It’s all I think about day and night.  When people talk to me about my business I can feel my vibration change.  I have never been so sure in my life about anything as much as I do about supporting mums of autistic children.

In the up’s and down’s of our journey I wasn’t even sure I could survive the heartache that I initially felt.  Hearing that my angel boy was being diagnosed with autism felt like a death sentence.  For me, for him, for our family.  My grief overtook my entire life and it would be many months before I came out of the fog.

If only I had someone to talk to.  To share my deepest fears with.  To tell someone my worries who also knew this path.  Who understand the immense tidal wave of pressure of every passing day and feeling like we were being left behind.

For me, it felt like we were in a movie.  Every other child who was around me was continuing on their life trajectory, yet for my angel boy, his movie was paused.  Not stopped.  Paused.  And while everyone else was meeting the next milestone we were traveling at a snails pace.  For an overachiever like me, this was not only terrifying but also heartbreaking.  Watching your child fumble and fall whilst all of his typical peers could do things that came so naturally.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt and one piece of advise I can share with you is this – your mindset will be the deciding factor for if you and your child progress or regress.

You see the mind is a powerful organ.  It can affect so much about what we’re feeling, seeing, hearing and processing.  You may not have the tools to help your child progress in life, but what you do have is your ability to understand how you process his or her diagnosis.

I’ll say it again for the people in the back….The way you respond to your child’s autism diagnosis will grossly impact the ability to which you can deliver support and services to your child.

If you are overcome with emotions.  Unable to think because you’re sleep deprived.  Can’t concentrate because you’re in huge amounts of fight or flight then you’re switching off your intuition.  Your ability to read your child.  Your ability to read the situation or the ability to read if someone, a therapist, a teacher, a carer is the right person for your child.

You are the best person to guide your child.  You grew this tiny human in your belly for 9 months.  You know them inside and out.

Now it’s time to take care of you so that you can take care of your child.

Don’t walk this journey alone like I did.  Full of shame blame, anger and resentment.

Let’s walk together, for the journey is far less scary is someone is walking beside you.

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