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We must heal ourselves before we can assist in our childs progress.

A child's diagnosis can leave parents feeling overwhelmed, anxious and ill-equipped to deal with what's to come. Through a variety of strategies and solutions, my coaching practice helps parents overcome emotions, barriers and negative thought patterns to ensure that they can heal and help their child make progress.

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About Me

How I went from treading water to thriving as a parent of a special needs child.

I know it can be lonely, overwhelming and downright scary where you are right now ... but I’m telling you it does get better.

I know this because after my husband and I received the diagnosis, we felt devastated. Through the power of coaching and the ability to be actively involved, I was able to assist in my son's progress.

So come in, grab a cuppa and let’s have a chat, a laugh and a cry. Let’s work together to make your mindset brighter so that you can serve your child 100% and give them what they need and most certainly deserve.

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Helping clients move through the various emotions that come up after a child’s diagnosis.

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Education is powerful. I arm my clients with tools that will help them to further their growth so that they can assist with their child’s progress.

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Empowering clients to move forward from grief and sadness so that they can help their children make progress.

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Helping clients find the next steps forward.

“Our greatest battles are with our own minds”
- Jameson Fran


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