Summer brings life, growth and healing

by | Dec 2, 2022

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It’s the change of the seasons here in Melbourne. Yet you wouldn’t know it in some of the other
states of this gorgeous country.

We are now moving from Spring into Summer. We are moving into the time where the most growth
will take place. Year after year I saw with both of my children this growth, like a flower coming into
full bloom, of when Summer would come and they would seem to grow leaps and bounds with their
words, their maturity, their ability to do things. And I soaked it all up. Being grateful for the sun
warming my body and grateful for the friends and family that were standing with me through some
of the most difficult seasons I have endured. Because that’s the thing right – Just like we have
seasons – autumn (fall), winter, spring and summer, we too, have seasons of our life. This is a
reminder that we’re not always going to be in the hard. We’re not always going to be in the winter,
where we are taking stock, unsure what will come and how we will process that information and
ensure that we can make the best decisions possible.

Soon you will be in the Summer. Enjoying the sun and the water activities. It will feel easy and light,
and you will have a sense of acceptance wash over your body. Fill your cells with love and joy and

Life, as we all know is ebbs and flows. Everyone is always so grateful in the flow, so happy for what
we have been blessed with, however, it’s the special few that can still be grateful in the ebbs. In the
hard and in the dark.

Don’t discount what you’ve got. This child, the one that you grew in your belly and nurtured during
your pregnancy is here to teach you lessons. To share with you so much value but only if you can
stop and recognise the learnings.

Now here’s a helpful tip – you cannot and will not be able to be grateful when you are out of
alignment or if you’re trying to numb your pain with drugs or alcohol or anything else. Go inwards
first. I will say this time and time again – YOU must heal yourself first before you can begin to heal
your child. Heal your child from their gut issues or their constipation issues or their sleep issues and
so much more. We, as parents must go first and do our work to heal before we can access the
information to heal our child.

Every morning I do a quick gratitude prayer. Its something just for me – to start the day with so
much love and joy. I am so grateful that I have a happy marriage when so many others do not. I am
so grateful that I have children when so many others do not. I am so grateful that my children can
run around and jump and play when so many others cannot. I am so grateful that I have a beautiful
home that gives me a big hug when I walk in when so many others do not.

What are you grateful for? Don’t let the hard stop you from being grateful. Even if its just one thing.
Be grateful because so many others in this world may not have what you have. A home, a child,
love, security, safety, food, electricity, clean running water, a bed, clean sheets, family, a pet, clean
air. Don’t discount what you have. Be truly aware of all your blessings, they are there, right in front
of you – you just have to be aware. Look. Listen. Feel. Because so many others may not have what
you have.

If this resonates with you, please book in a free chat to discuss further.

And remember You Are Seen.