Do I think I am strong enough for this autism journey?

by | Aug 3, 2023

The question I must ask you right now is do you think you’re strong enough to handle this journey?  A question that I pondered myself many times.  A question that would come in the middle of night, waking me from my slumber.  And my answer for you dear friend is of course you’re strong enough.  You are far stronger than you think you are.  You have evidence in your life of when you’ve done hard things.  Things that you thought you would never overcome and yet here you are standing in this very spot knowing that you have achieved something that you thought, at one point, was going to be impossible.  It might have been a marathon, giving birth, dealing with a nasty boss or dealing with a fallout from a friend.

When our strength goes down what comes up?  Fear.  Fear emerges from its corner and states I’m here to show you all the reasons why you aren’t strong enough.  Why you can’t do this.  Why this isn’t going to work.  Fear can by sly and sneaky.  It shows up when you’re most vulnerable which, if you’re a parent of an autistic child, is either when you’re out in public or in the middle of the night.

Fear will keep you quiet, will keep you in shame, will keep you in blame and will hold you back from showing up as the mum you want to be.

But it doesn’t have to.  You have the power to flip fear.  Flip it on its head, see it for what it really is.  Because I ask you another question – has fear stopped you from doing something from the get go?  I remember I was scared out of my mind, knees shaking when I had to rock climb in high school, I still did it, because I was being spotted.  I was being spotted by someone who could see the full picture whereas I could only see one portion of it.

Who’s spotting you?

The thing with fear is it’s always been there but you’ve definitely got the proof that you were able to silence it.  One of those examples is driving.  I would safely say that most 16-year old’s who got into the car for the first time with their parents were terrified about driving because it was unfamiliar.  This autism journey is simply that – unfamiliar.  Don’t let the fear of unfamiliar stop you from showing up as the parent you want to be.  Don’t let fear stop you from advocating for your child at kinder, daycare or school.

Life if full of unfamiliar – do you think you’re strong enough to make something that’s unfamiliar, familiar?

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