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Dear Diary…

**This is a page out of my diary from 2017.  Some things have been changed for privacy reasons.** Dear Diary… Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  A day that I should be celebrating.  A day that should be filled with warm embraces and handwritten cards.  My Mother’s Day was not that.  My day was spent rushing up […]

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Celebrate Mum’s Resilience This Mothers Day: Thoughtful Gifts for Mothers of Newly Diagnosed Autistic Children

Mother’s Day is approaching, a time when we celebrate the incredible women who tirelessly nurture, support, and love their families. Yet, amidst the joyous festivities, there’s a silent struggle that often goes unnoticed—the experience of mothers of newly diagnosed autistic children. These remarkable women find themselves thrust into a world of uncertainty, advocacy, and unconditional […]

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Battling Carer Burnout: Recognising, Overcoming, and Reflecting

As a caregiver, the journey can be both very rewarding and downright challenging. One of the most common challenges faced by caregivers is burnout.  Carer Gateway shared that there are 2.65 million carers in Australia which means 1 in 9 people will take on the carer role.  This blog aims to shed light on what […]

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Learning by Doing: Raising an Autistic Child

Being a parent is an incredible journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. When your child receives an autism diagnosis, this journey can take on a new dimension—one that might initially seem daunting and overwhelming. As a coach specializing in supporting mothers of newly diagnosed autistic children, I understand firsthand the unique challenges you face […]

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Stop Letting Other People’s Opinions Steal Your Joy

As a mother of a newly diagnosed autistic child, you’re probably on tenterhooks.  No doubt a feeling of overwhelm and stress envelopes you.  Or maybe you’re having a great day, despite all of your challenges that are presented to you, you’re taking the higher road, that is, until someone says something that steals your joy.  […]

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