Learning by Doing: Raising an Autistic Child

by | Apr 22, 2024

Being a parent is an incredible journey filled with unexpected twists and turns. When your child receives an autism diagnosis, this journey can take on a new dimension—one that might initially seem daunting and overwhelming. As a coach specializing in supporting mothers of newly diagnosed autistic children, I understand firsthand the unique challenges you face because I too have been there. However, I also believe in the profound power of learning through experience.

Raising an autistic child is a journey of discovery and growth, both for your child and for you as a parent. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting any child, there are certain principles and practices that can be particularly beneficial when raising a child on the autism spectrum.

Embrace Patience and Flexibility:

One of the most important lessons you’ll learn is the art of patience and flexibility. Autism often comes with its own timeline and rhythm. Embrace the journey and be open to adapting and changing your parenting style. Your child needs your flexibility in order to truly shine.

Focus on Communication:

Communication lies at the heart of every relationship. For children with autism, communication might look different. Explore alternative methods of communication such as visual aids, social stories, or assistive technology (example Proloquo2go). Being able to communicate with your child through these options will instil further trust into your child that you, their mum, can see them for who they really are.

Celebrate Progress, however Small:

Each milestone achieved, no matter how small, is a cause for celebration. Recognize and celebrate your child’s progress, whether it’s making a new friend, mastering a new skill, or expressing themselves in a new way. These victories are important markers of growth. These wins are the markers that you will continue to go back when things get hard.  Remind yourself of how far your child has come.

Trust Your Instincts:

As a mum, you possess an intuitive understanding of your child. Trust your instincts and follow your heart. Your love and dedication are powerful tools in navigating the challenges of autism. Never underestimate your intuition.

Advocate with Compassion:

Be your child’s strongest advocate. Speak up for their needs and rights with compassion and determination. Educate others about autism and promote acceptance and inclusion within your community.

Celebrate Uniqueness:

Autism is not a flaw to be fixed but a unique way of experiencing the world. Celebrate the strengths and talents that make your child who they are. Your child is not not broken.  You are not broken.

Seek Professional Guidance:

Lastly, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance when needed. A coach can truly help you with changing your mindset and seeing things in a different light that you couldn’t have conceptualised before.

Remember, parenting is a continuous learning process. While raising an autistic child presents its own set of challenges, it is also a deeply rewarding experience filled with moments of joy, growth, and profound connection. By embracing the principles of patience, understanding, and love, you’ll discover that learning by doing is not just a journey—it’s a transformative path of discovery and empowerment. Together, we can navigate this journey with resilience and grace.

If you’re a mum of a newly diagnosed autistic child, I’m here to support you. Feel free to reach out and share your experiences or ask any questions. Remember, you’re doing an amazing job, and your child is lucky to have you as their parent. Here’s to embracing the adventure of raising an autistic child—one step at a time.



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