10 Top tips when traveling with young autistic children.

by | Sep 7, 2023

Traveling with neurotypical children can be overwhelming and intense.  Period.  Dealing with fatigue, jetlag, tantrums, meltdowns can be hard enough, but throw autism into the mix and it can be a whole lot harder.  Back in 2019, before the world closed down, we took the kids to Greece and here are some tips that I found to be helpful.  At the time our angel boy was 4.5 and our angel girl was 3.

  • Do make a social story including:

– Who’s going on the trip.

– Where are you going?

– How will you be getting there.

– What can you do on the plane.

– What can you eat on the plane.

– What will you do when you arrive at your destination?

– What food will you be eating when you’re there.

– What activities will you be undertaking.

Depending on your child you may want a numbered countdown of days that you have left until your go.


You can draw up a clock with the number of hours that it will take to get to your destination and then move a peg/clip/sticker as the hour’s countdown. This gives your child a visual of how long it will take.


You may want to introduce a new program on TV whilst at home which the child thoroughly enjoys which is something that you can download on their ipad or watch on the inflight entertainment system.


Do take extra toys in the child’s backpack. These can include:

– Fidget toys.

– Stickers

– Colouring in books.

– Noughts and crosses.

– Search and find books.

– Putty, slime, playdough.

Get them to do exercises in their seat. Eg) Flexing their toes, lifting their arms, etc.

Bring some of their favourite prepackaged snacks.

Take your child for a big play prior to departing, getting lots of fresh air and allowing them to exert themselves.

Ensure you have plenty of time to arrive at the airport. Stressed out parents = dysregulated kids.

You may want to take some melatonin gummies if you think your child has trouble sleeping.

Remember holidays are so much fun, but traveling to your destination can sometimes be a bit stressful.

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