The Pro’s and Con’s for using Proloquo2go

by | Aug 10, 2023

For the newbies reading this, they’re probably thinking what the heck is an AAC.  An Augmentative Communication Device is a program that is usually loaded to any device that is used to help a nonverbal child to communicate with his or her peers, teachers, friends, family and authority figures.

For the longest of time, I refused an AAC device for my angel boy because I was so set, so sure, my belief was so strong that I believed I had a knowing that he would talk and that he wouldn’t need the AAC, however there are some things that I wish I had have known before.  So here are my pro’s and con’s list for using Proloquo2go.


– Introducing it early to a child allows them to explore different words and sounds.

– Using an AAC shows the child that their words have power.

– Using an AAC device allows a child to fully communicate with the people around them, which means that frustrations can become lower.

– Its customisable to you and your family.

– Grid sizes can be changed along with colours and pictures.

– The program allows you to upload your own photos of family members and anything specific to you.

– Its easy to edit buttons and pages.

– There is a setting that stops your child from editing the program and deleting buttons.

– It’s easy to save data.

– There are plenty of people to learn from on social media including: @graciellablooms on Instagram.




– Its expensive.

– Its takes some time to learn the program and understand how it all works.

– Sometimes children or adults are not aware that one screen may have multiple pages.

– The programming can become overwhelming.

– Children can use the program to stimm on. Eg) pressing the same buttons over and over again.



I hope this list was helpful for you.  If you’ve got any further questions about Proloquo2go, please feel free to send me a message.

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