REMINDER: You want to help your child; it starts with you first.

by | Jun 29, 2023

Most of kids on the spectrum really struggle with what’s going on in their bodies.  The feelings that come up, the sensory overload as well as the confusion at times can be super overwhelming.  For these beautiful souls, we offer a range of support, speech, OT, psych, counselling and the list goes on.  The ironic thing is that mums, who are generally the primary caregivers, go through these same feelings.  The same overwhelm.  The same confusion.  We’ve all been there.  Handed the diagnosis, shown the door and then expected to process the emotions and handle the next steps on your own.

For most mums this is just simply too much.  Too much grief and too much loss, too much overwhelm.

Would life have been different if you had the support?  Would the grief have been far less if you had someone qualified to speak to, who has also gone through the same journey as you?  Walked your path, seen the highs and the lows.

Its one thing I had so desperately wished I had of had when I was going through it.  To open up to someone who had walked this journey.  Understood how devastating the diagnosis can be.  How hard it is to deal with the questions from others, the looks, the judgement, the expectations.

I know your life is full of uncertainty right now, but it doesn’t have to be like that.  I’m throwing you the lifeline, but you have to be courageous enough to take it.  Are you willing to overcome your fear and take the first step or are you too scared and feel stuck?

The fear is in your head.  Your mind is busy playing tricks on you.  Taking you to places of your worst nightmares.  Don’t take the bait.  Don’t allow yourself to enter that rabbit hole.  Awareness is key and will save you every single time.

So will you have the courage to choose what’s right for you so that you will have the energy, the light, the direction to help your child?

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