As a mum, its your light that shines the path for your autistic child

by | Jul 26, 2023

Do you know of someone where, as a child they weren’t getting their needs met because as a child they we’re trying to meet the needs of their parent.  Maybe Mum and Dad have had an argument and now mums crying, a typical child may put the needs of the parent first before they’re own. An autistic child, especially, if he or she is nonverbal may become anxious.  Their stims could become bigger and more frequent.  Sleep could become an issue or attachment issues could arise.  Children feel uncertain or unsafe when his or her big people look to be uncertain or unsafe. also.

Body language is the key to having a peek inside a child’s mind.

Mums are uniquely bonded with their children.  A bond that is very hard to break.  Most mums will be able to feel their child in a way that many others cannot, similarly, that connection goes both ways.  Our children can feel when we are not in a harmonious state just like we can feel when they are not feeling like themselves.  When our vibration, as a parent changes, children use their intuition and will most certainly pick it up.  You see kids, like mums, have an internal radar which will peak when things are not right.  So, I ask you – how can we expect a child to learn, grow, move forward, understand and process when they themselves are in a state of fight or flight because their big people are not leaning into those same strategies – learning, growing, moving forward.

We, as mothers are the beacon light for our children.  When our mindset, our behaviour, our language, our actions are off, that light becomes faint and the child is unable to navigate the way forward.

Are you allowing your light to dim?  Do you want your light to be strong and vibrant for your child to see?  I ask you to allow me to help you shine that light of yours so brightly it will never be missed again.

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