Is your childs autism their superpower or their kryptonite?

by | Jul 6, 2023

I look at my angel boy’s autism and I see it as his superpower and his kryptonite.  It’s the positive and the negative.  The way his brain works is so brilliant and magical, but it also has its downfalls.  The lack of sleep when he was younger, the frustration at times, the stims, the hyperactivity.    You see, our society has conditioned us to only see the downfalls of a child with autism.  As parents we focus far too much on the child’s deficits rather than the surplus.  I will put my hand up and say I did this, absolutely.  For a longest of time, I couldn’t tell you what my child did well.

If I asked you right now – could you name 3 things that your child does really well?  And if you can name 3, could you name 6 or 9 or 12 things that your child does well?

We need reminding of all the brilliant things they can do.  All of things that make them magical and smart and amazing to us, because if we can’t shout what they do well from the rooftops who will?

Autism in itself has been referred to as a disability.   This makes me sad.  I don’t look at my angel boy and think he is disabled.  I don’t see him as disabled.  I see him as pure light, innocence, and joy.  I’m sure that if you were to speak with an autistic adult, I presume they wouldn’t classify themselves as disabled either.

This journey, pure and simple, is about mindset.  Will you allow your mind to lead you to your superpower or to your kryptonite.  Because, you see, we all have both, the superpower and the kryptonite  within us.  The good and the bad and everyday YOU get to choose which one you will allow through the door of your mind.  You are the gatekeeper of your thoughts – what are you letting in?

Are you swimming in the in the pool of lack, loss and grief or are you sun baking in the glory of triumph, joy and love?

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